product design

[Buoy]ancy / surrounded by water 


My graduation collection represents a poetic image of a future world that is submerged by water. I imagine that our climate is going to change and that our sea levels are rising, creating a new world.

If the surroundings are changing, inhabitants are changing too. I used this world as an inspiration to create new silhouettes. The new silhouettes let inhabitants stay a drift in this new world of fluid surroundings. The silhouettes become lightweight and voluminous covering the body with a soft bouncy layer of air. With these floating body pieces I am exploring the relationship between the human body and it’s surroundings. 


As a designer of wearables I am always drawn to the human body. I am interested in how the body moves, how to reshape it’s silhouette or how to fixate the body in my design process. These are just a few examples of this interest. I also like to use my interest in fashion. Especially when fashion evolves in something more abstract. My designs are always in connection with the human body. Only the outcome of it changes from shoes, to bags, to body pieces. 


Through this collection I am hoping to address an important message in a playful way. I want to inspire people and trigger their imagination. 

Photography by Bo Bannink